Compatior Christian Academy
Your Bridge to a Better Future
Compatior Christian Academy

Compatior is a Latin word meaning "to suffer with one, to have
compassion." This emotion was the basis for the founding of
Compatior Christian Academy. CCA is a private school
registered with the state of Texas and is structured to help
people obtain high school diplomas which will allow them the
chance to pursue the lives they desire. Our mission is to help
students begin a new foundation for success.

We have begun our accreditation process.

The school was started after a group of displaced educators
from New Orleans realized the tremendous need many people
have to obtain high school diplomas so that they could enter
career development colleges, enroll in trade schools, advance in
their jobs, or simply boost their self-esteem. We all know that
people who did not complete high school face greater
complications throughout their lives, and recent studies have
shown they also have less earning power.

Our program is quick, inexpensive and regulated by the state
laws of Texas.

We have established working partnerships with
HOPE Literacy
(, and with a consortium of Baptist churches in
the Fort Worth area, led by
Truevine Missionary Baptist

We are proud to provide support for the great work being done
by the
Battered Women's Foundation in Fort Worth, and we
have recently been listed with
2-1-1 Texas, a division of the
United Way.

We have partnered with the
First United Methodist Church in
Mansfield, TX.

CCA has tested students enrolled or applying at
, Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Career
Centers of Texas
, Remington College, Tarrant County
, Hi-Tech Institute, ITT, Lincoln Technical Institute,
UTA, Cisco Junior College, Wiley College, Jarvis Christian
College, Universal Health Services,
as far north as the
University of Missouri,
and many other local two- and
four-year schools. We have had students enroll in
. We have awarded diplomas to students who were
referred to us by several alternative schools in and around the
greater Dallas - Fort Worth area. Some of the schools our
students have attended include
ACE, Venture Alternative
High School
, Mansfield High, Summit High School, Legacy
High School
, Crossroads High School, Right Turn
Discipline Center
, Cleburne High School, Samuell High
, South Hills High School,  Joshua High School and
Joshua ISD, Timberview High School, the TEAM School
in Cleburne, Bridges, Bowie High School, Seguin High
School, Dunbar High School, Metro Opportunity High
School, Richland High School, Center for New Lives,
South Hills Pyramid,  
and Texans Can! Academy. In all, we
have worked with over 20 high schools in five different ISDs. Our
graduates have even won scholarships from
Imagine America.

We have received assistance from
Willie Brown School and
Juvenile Case Manager for the City of Carrollton.

We have tested people preparing to enter various branches of
Armed Forces.

We have also provided testing and diplomas for
college athletes
and professional athletes.

We have worked with the
Islamic Association of Tarrant

Many people have enrolled with CCA after being sent by their
probation officers as a condition of their probation, and we
have worked with
elected officials in assisting wayward youth.
We also work closely with
juvenile service agencies, truancy
, and rehabilitation facilities. We have also had
students gain
local and county government jobs.

CCA has also received support from
United States Senator
Mary Landrieu

We were proud to have been invited to participate in the
Reading Rocks! program at Crouch Elementary in Arlington,
and we plan to be an active part of that program in the coming

CCA's testing procedure was developed after consultation with
doctors, lawyers, college professors, local business owners and
certified teachers. Our test is comprehensive and can be taken
at one's own pace. There is no time limit for its completion.

CCA is obviously different in many ways from most traditional
schools, and one of the ways in which we are different is that our
students do not have to attend classes or travel to and from a
classroom setting. Students are able to do all the work from the
convenience of their homes, utilizing any and all resources
available to them, and they are able to do it at their own pace.
We feel students perform best when they are comfortable in their
surroundings, and we try to afford that level of comfort. Also,
some students can avoid the potential embarrassment and
intimidation of returning to a classroom after being away for so
many years.

The first step is always the hardest. But we invite you to contact
us with your questions, concerns, and fears. Allow us the chance
to address them and to set your mind at ease. Ultimately, we are
here to assist you, because we have been where many of you
find yourselves, and we have seen the difference an education
can make in people's lives. Our driving motivation is to serve as
that bridge between where you are now and where you want to

Your dreams can come true, and if you need a diploma to reach
those dreams, CCA can help.
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CCA is pleased to
have recently
entered into a new
partnership with
native New
Orleanian Marshall
Faulk and his
Marshall Faulk
Marshall is an NFL
MVP, a four-time
NFL Offensive
Player of the Year,
a seven-time Pro
Bowler, and a
future NFL Hall of
We are now able to offer options for class rings to
our graduates. Please call for more information.
We are proud to announce the
establishment of both the Anderson Family
Scholarship Fund and the Buddy Merritt
Memorial Scholarship Fund. Please contact
the school for further details.
CCA is very
proud to
announce our
All Pro Roy
Williams and
his Safety
which is doing
work with
single mothers
in the Dallas

We are also
very excited
to announce
our new
with Street
Teens Vegas,
a wonderful
helping the
homeless teens
of Las Vegas.
They were
profiled on
the hit new
Fox TV show,