About Our School

Our Advisory Board is made up of educators, professors,
business owners, and attorneys. Each of our teachers has at
least 30 years of experience in formal classroom settings.

Advisory Board

Delores Wright, B.A., Education, Dillard University

Wanda Route, M.Ed, Xavier University

Barbara Emelle, M.Ed, University of New Orleans, Associate        
Director of Early Childhood Education for the Orleans Parish        
School System (retired)

Irene Bazile Fortuné, B.A., Education, Dillard University       

Jean Kennedy, B.A., Education, Dillard University                

Lynne Carter, M.Ed, University of New Orleans

Sherri Carter, MS, Chemical Engineering, North Carolina A&T

Lynda Eaton, MBA, MT, SBB, Central Missouri University,            
Pepperdine University, Blood Bank Director

Virginia Pickering, CPC, Owner, Accent & Associates Personnel

Adrian Anthony, RDMS, RVT, JD, Fordham University, Attorney    
at Law

Lucille Clarke, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Accredited
Certified Supervisor, Tulane University

Charles E. Coney, MA, Liberal Arts and Christian Leadership, St.
Edward's University and Dallas Baptist University

Greg Clark, Student Religious Development Advisor
Frequently Asked Questions
What about accreditation?
Obviously, being an accredited institution is important to us.  
Some statistics show that nearly 75% of all private schools in
Texas are not accredited.  And they do not need to be.  Texas
does not require accreditation in order for a school to operate. We
have begun the two-year accreditation process.

What if there are problems having the diploma accepted?
As we have stated on other pages, the law says a diploma from
CCA should be accepted as readily as a diploma from any other
institution.  We, to this point, have not encountered any problems
with our diplomas.  However, CCA has retained a local law firm to
assist us if, in fact, any of our students encounters difficulties.

Giving Back
In an effort to support the inner-city communities from which most
of the staff and advisory board of CCA come, we have awarded
$25,000 in scholarships to organizations which work with
deserving and needy kids from New Orleans, Dallas-Fort Worth,
and Missouri.
You can reach us via email:

local number :  817-500-8345
toll free:  866-571-1973
toll free fax: 877-576-3541
We've moved!
Or stop by our corporate office:
5601 Bridge Street
Suite 300
Fort Worth, TX  76112
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday
and by appointment
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We are proud to announce the
establishment of both the Anderson
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CCA is pleased to
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Marshall is an NFL
MVP, a four-time
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