Tuition & Enrollment

Our program cost is $295 if the student pays the entire
enrollment fee when he enrolls, or $350 if he chooses to
make payments.
To enroll, simply come by our office or use the PayPal option
below. We will then give you or mail to you everything you
need to get your high school diploma. Unlike many other
schools and programs, you may take as long as you need to
complete your test. Once you have finished your examination,
simply bring back or fax your answer sheet to our office. It will
be graded
once any remaining balance due is paid. If
there is a balance due, students may pay it with the return of
the test, or they may make installment payments of $50 until
the total amount due is paid.
We can offer to deliver and
return the test for local students for a nominal
additional charge. All fees, charges and payments are
non-refundable. If paying in person, only cash and
money orders can be accepted.

Tests will be graded and results will be available within 24
hours of the entire fee being paid. Upon passing, CCA will
provide each student with an official stamped transcript and a
covered diploma. Again, the diploma will be available within
24 hours as well. Each student's transcripts will be kept on file
in our office for ten years. We will provide free copies of
transcripts via fax upon a written request from the student.
Additional copies of official diplomas may be ordered at a cost
of $25 each.

There are five sections of the test containing multiple choice
questions in English, Grammar, Mathematics,
History/Citizenship, and Religion. Students must score a 70 or
better in each section to be granted a diploma. Each section  
is worth five credits, and each student will be awarded a total
of 25 credits upon passing the exam.
As of September 1,
2008, the retest fees are as follows:  if a student fails
one section of the exam, he can retest that section for
a $75 retest fee.  If a student fails two or more sections,
that student must pay a re-enrollment fee of $125.
These retest fees apply only if the
student retests within 30 days. If the
student retests after 30 days, that
student will incur a full enrollment fee of

We also offer a resume-writing service for all students who
may be searching for jobs while taking the examination.
Please call for more details.

We are now offering miniature, wallet-size diplomas for $25.
Please allow three to five business days for delivery.
Anderson Family
Scholarship Fund
Initial Enrollment Deposit                                 $200
This is the minimum required to get enrolled.
There will be a balance due of $150.
Complete Enrollment Fee                                 $295
This represents a nearly 16% discount if you choose to pay
the entire enrollment fee at one time.
Balance of Enrollment Fee after Deposit        $150
Use this option when you would like to pay the balance
after having paid the initial enrollment deposit.
Retest Fee payment                                           $75
This option can be used when one section of the exam was failed and
you need to retest that section.
Re-enrollment Fee                                            $125
This option can be used when two or more sections of the exam were
failed and you need to re-enroll to get a new version of the test.
Additional Diploma / Miniature                         $25
Use this option  if you wish to purchase additional copies of your
diploma, or if you want a miniature diploma mailed to you.
Buddy Merritt
Memorial Scholarship
If you are ready to get started, and you are unable to visit our office, you can safely and securely make a payment to us using
PayPal above. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service. You may use a credit card, a debit card, or a
checking account to make your payment.
Simply click on the applicable payment options you wish after reading your choices above. We will be notified of your payment,
and will make the necessary contact with you to confirm your mailing information.  Feel free to call if you have any questions or
difficulty using this service.
You can reach us via email:

local number :  817-500-8345
toll free:  866-571-1973
toll free fax: 877-576-3541
We've moved!
Or stop by our corporate office:
5601 Bridge Street
Suite 300
Fort Worth, TX  76112
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday
and by appointment
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We are proud to announce the
establishment of both the Anderson Family
Scholarship Fund and the Buddy Merritt
Memorial Scholarship Fund. Please contact
the school for further details.
CCA is pleased to
have recently
entered into a new
partnership with
native New
Orleanian Marshall
Faulk and his
Marshall Faulk
Marshall is an NFL
MVP, a four-time
NFL Offensive
Player of the Year,
a seven-time Pro
Bowler, and a
future NFL Hall of
CCA is very
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