We are always sending our students to your program because we
think it is wonderful what you are doing for our students to help
them move on with their lives. Thanks for all you have done for
our students.
Misty Byrd
ALC Secretary
Joshua ISD

CCA has truly been a blessing to my life and has helped me
discover my true self-worth. For 20 years, I deprived myself of an
education because, deep inside, I couldn't see a high school
diploma being attainable due to my addiction to drugs and other
mishaps. However, after walking into Mr. Wright's office with small
dreams and hidden low self-esteem, he brought a whole new
meaning to the words "I can" and "I am worthy." I'm very honored
to be a graduate of this academy where lives are restored with
hope, dreams, aspiration, and meaning. I'm a whole woman today,
with a balance of life that holds love and self-respect. I highly
recommend CCA to anyone who has the desire for success, but
who has allowed fears of the unknown to capture his dreams. This
has been the most relaxed time of my life. CCA treated me like a
queen and has inspired me to take my education to the next level.
My dream of becoming an LCDC has come true. Mr. Wright, I will
forever be in your debt because the key of life you placed in my
hand is priceless. Now, I can and I'm worthy to walk beyond doors
I've feared all my life. Thank you for being a change as well as a
blessing to me and to others who simply stopped believing in
themselves. I love you! Please continue to save people like me.
Della M. White

It is an honor to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of
Louis Wright and the Compatior Christian Academy. Louis was of
great assistance in helping my son-in-law receive his high school
diploma. The process was user-friendly and there was much
support provided through the study guides that are available from
the school. The aspect I was most impressed with, however, is that
the people who are going back to earn their diploma are treated
with respect and encouragement. It's an inspiring environment and
a valuable asset to our community.
Thank you for all of that you have done for our family.
Marilyn Varner

I never thought I would have an opportunity like CCA. I feel
honored to be a graduate from this academy. So many things
have gone wrong in my life that it led me to believe that only
certain people in life had angels to look after them. Soon after
meeting Mr. Louis Wright, I realized I had one myself. Obtaining
my high school diploma has opened many doors for me. I thank
God for putting a man like Mr. Wright in my path, as well as Mr.
Wright for having such an impact in my life.
Nelly Gonzalez

I am so thankful that I had Compatior Christian academy available
when I needed it most. This test has improved my feelings about
being able to get my diploma. Before I knew of this test, I had
many thoughts of just giving up and settling for a GED. I am so
proud I will be able to say I have my diploma. I love the way this
works and Compatior gives the second chance some people
need. I just want to end this by saying thank you - thank you,
Compatior, for my second chance.
Shadi Julian

This is a great program. This program allows individuals who
perceived a high school diploma as being unattainable to get it,
and feel accomplished. I highly recommend that anyone who has
been thinking about getting their GED to take it to the next level
and get their diploma!
Tysha Clark, NRCMA
Medical Assistant Instructor

I would like to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my
heart.  I had completely exhausted all efforts to help my daughter
get her diploma when your school's name was given to me.  I was
not convinced that my daughter would complete the task but
looked at it as a last ditch effort to help her. I can't describe the
elation I felt when you called to tell me that she had passed the
test and GRADUATED! It was definitely a day of celebration.  After
spreading the word throughout the family, we now have others
enrolled in the program! I'm ecstatic at the thought of doing away
with the stigma of not graduating for my family members.
Regardless of age, you have been a forever blessing in our family.
Chrissy Stumbo

Withdrawing my 17-year-old son from high school was the most
difficult thing I have ever had to do. As a parent, I have hopes and
dreams for my children. One dream being that they finish high
school and experience all the events that go along with that. So,
when I found it necessary to take him out of high school, it broke
my heart. I want my son to have the same opportunities that
others with a high school diploma have. I could have easily taken
him to get a GED, but you gave him an opportunity to have
something that society says is important, a High School Diploma. I
know that my son will go on and do great things with his life. It is
because of you and your company that he will have many of these
Kathy Mills

Similar to many other teens in today's society, I had goals and
dreams I wanted to pursue and accomplish. I soon learned that to
achieve success, I needed a high school diploma. I had stopped
going to school and had begun working. I was unsatisfied and
discontent. I was told about CCA, and soon many of my friends
were getting diplomas and going on with their future. With focus
and determination, I eventually received a state-recognized
diploma. I truly consider the Academy to be a blessing and one of
the smartest moves I have made in my life. It was a second chance
at life.
Christopher Weeks

I think Mr. Wright is a gift from God. He made me the happiest
mommy in the whole wide world. He helped me get my high school
diploma, and if anyone needs to get one, I've got the man that will
help you! He is the best! Mr. Wright, you are the best. Thank you
for everything. I am your friend for life! And remember, it does not
matter your age because I'm 44 and I did it!
Annette  Cheek      

This is a wonderful program. I advise anyone and everyone who
does not have a high school diploma and would like to have one
to come here. Everything is at your own pace, so you have as
long as you need to take the tests. No teachers nagging you to
hurry! All five tests are simple and easy as long as you go over
your study guide, and you can have all this for a small amount of
money. It's a great deal! I'm grateful that I found this program. I
never thought that I was going to graduate high school until I
talked to the wonderful people that put together this program. Now
that I have a real high school diploma, I can take lead into my
future and start a wonderful career. Thank you, Mr. Wright, you
have helped me a lot!!!       
Amanda Martin

I have been in high school for five years. I was determined to
graduate and I did see myself graduating, but I did not think it
would happen for at least another year. I am already nineteen-and-
a-half, and with my responsibilities, I was having a hard time going
to school, working and making enough to pay my bills. I was ready
to drop out of high school because I needed to move forward. My
parents felt strongly that I needed to have my high school diploma
so I would have more choices available to me. Compatior Christian
Academy opened up opportunities for me to go forward in life with
a high school diploma. I now have choices available like entering
the armed services, learning a trade, or even being able to get
work with my dad's company, which required a GED or diploma. I
am grateful for this school and the wonderful opportunity I now
have in society. I can go forward in life, confident and with a sense
of accomplishment. I recommend this school to everyone who is
not able to move forward because of a diploma.
Thank you, Compatior Christian Academy and Mr. Wright.
Gavin Brown

This Christian school was truly sent by God to help me obtain my
high school diploma. I thought I would never see this dream come
true. My high school diploma has helped me to move on with my
life. I thank God for Mr. Wright and his program. I would tell
anyone who is trying to pursue getting their diploma to attend
CCA. They can help you move on with your life, improve your self-
esteem, and build your confidence.
Gail McDaniel

You really don’t understand how grateful I am to you and
everyone you work with.  My daughter has experienced a lot of life
in a very short time, but now that she has her diploma, she may
feel better about herself in some ways and decide to further her
education, plus get a real job so she is able to help me to support
her daughter until she gets on her own
Alicia Tyre
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